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My love for the blues started when I was 12 years old. 
I heard this kid named Danny playing the harp in the boy's room.
 The cat was good man and I was hooked. 
We used to play to assorted British Blues when my brother Bob told me  about a harp master named James Cotton. 
He went out and bought all the Cotton material he could find. 
For two years I searched the newspaper for a live Cotton show. 
Finally, at the Stanhope House in New Jersey, I saw the James Cotton Band live for the first time. 
By then I had acquired a suitcase filled with several dozens of harmonicas. 
Cotton asked me if he could have the case for his harps because his was damaged at the airport. 
I was honored to swap cases with my mentor, and this started a long lasting friendship. 
In 1991 I was special guest with Larry McCray, opening for B.B. King at the Des Moines Civic Center in Iowa. 
We performed before a crowd of thousands, where we were well received. 
In Febuary of 1992, Asbury Park Press writer Robert Santelli reviewed a show at the Bekly Carteret Hotel in Asbury, where me and Cotton were two of the three featured harp players. 
Santelli writes, "Harp jumped into the audience and ran down the main aisle at least twice, playing his harmonica like a man possessed. 
In 1993, I had the good fortune and opportunity of driving the James Cotton Band on a Florida tour and back to Chicago. 
I later drove for the special Acoustic Trio featuring James Cotton, Dave Maxwell, and Luther Tucker, who was with Little Walter's guitar player back in the 60's. 
On the way I continued to learn directly from Cotton, who helped me develop my tonal quality. 
Pinetop Perkins said I have great tone at the Muddy Waters tribute show in NYC at the Bottom Line last week. 
In addition, I drove for Hubert Sumlin down to the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas. 
I also sat in with the likes of: Hubert Sumlin, Kenny Neal, Willy Kent, Sunnyland Slim, Buddy Miles, Mojo Buford, Michael Colman, Jimmy Johnson, Luther Guitar Junior Johnson, Billy Branch, Pintop Perkins, Sunny Rhodes, William Clark, Case Jones, Magic Slim and the Teardrops, Sugar Blue, Bobby Radcliff, and of course the James Cotton Band. 
I opened for James Cotton, Eddy Kirkland, Bobby Radcliff and the Night Hawks, R.L.Burnside, performed on B.B. and the Stingers new CD.
I and was mentioned by Aquarian writer Rober Makin inlate June '93 issue as a "Smokin' Harmonica Player." 
Makin honored Me again in March 1994 article on the Sixth Annual Makin Waves Awards as Best Instrumentalist. 
Maikn writes " It was actually a harp solo on the self-titled produced B.B. and the Stingers CD that turned me onto this guy......SMOKIN!!' 
My rhythm section includes a stand up 4 string acoustic bass, traditional blues guitar and tight percussion tying it all together for one hell of a great dance, party and boogie band you won"t soon forget.......thank you.....